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Tanoti – A Beautiful Story From Sarawak

The rich brocade tapestry that Tanoti is weaving is not your grandmother’s songket. The hand-threaded treasures from the Sarawak-based boutique songket atelier preserves its culture and heritage, but it also melds science with traditional art to bring about a much needed innovation for the 21st century. Their goal? To make songket a luxurious fashion fabric […]

Watch a designer’s imagination come to live through the collaboration between Epson and Toi – The Dressmaker.

In the world of fashion, there’s a disruption happening. Although fashion traditionally treasures centuries-old cultivated practices passed down from master craftsmen, it has been unable to stay unaffected by the rise of technology that has revolutionised the way humans work. In an age of 3D printing, virtual reality gaming, and social media livestreaming, where living is seamless and seemingly […]

Designers, we got the scoop on what buyers are looking for

To the masses, Fashion Weeks are all about stunning couture, divine models, and mermerising stage set up. To the designers however, Fashion Week is serious business, one that could make or break their career. During Fashion Week, the most important group of people they need to impress, are the Fashion Buyers. So who are these Fashion Buyers and what […]

A Day In The Life Of A Runway Model

With their beautiful faces made up and lithe bodies clad in the most expensive brands, it’s easy to buy into the belief that models lead an easy glamorous life. Having already won the genetic pool, they merely need to pout and strike a pose, as the glossy pages of fashion magazines and sky-high billboards seem to portray. But […]

Fashion and Faith: A Look at Muslimah Fashion Around the World.

There’s a new fashion trend taking over the world, one layer at a time. It’s not particularly showy, but it’s bursting with style, much to the fashion crowd’s delight. Thanks to Instagram accounts like @hijabfashion, which boasts 2.3 million followers, and Tumblr tags like ‘muslimah fashion’, modest dressing is in its well-deserved place in the […]

7 Malaysian Designers You Didn’t Know Are On World Stage.

Fashion is a universal language and one that speaks of craft, innovation and creativity. As the fashion scene in Malaysia grows rapidly, so does the list of designers whose designs speak volumes. Our homegrown talents have managed to make an impact internationally, and here are 7 of them that you absolutely need to know about! 1. Jo Disaya […]