7 Malaysian Designers You Didn’t Know Are On World Stage.

Fashion is a universal language and one that speaks of craft, innovation and creativity. As the fashion scene in Malaysia grows rapidly, so does the list of designers whose designs speak volumes. Our homegrown talents have managed to make an impact internationally, and here are 7 of them that you absolutely need to know about!

1. Jo Disaya

When the words rebellious and quirky come to mind in the fashion scene, Jo Disaya is no stranger. With her unique take on fashion incorporating structure as well as a blend of the modern androgyny look, there’s no wonder that this brand has expanded to many countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, and most impressively at Tranoï, Paris!

2. Blancheur by Datin Haslinda Rahim

This brand is a game changer in Muslimah fashion. Focusing on showcasing how versatile muslimah wear is and how it can be both modern and chic, Blancheur is the brand that proves modesty can be modern too. With its wide range of choices and array of colours, it’s no wonder why this designer is making waves in the world stage. The most promising entrance being China and Dubai.



3. Joe Chia

Joe Chia was a recipient of Asia’s Most Influential Designer by Mercedes-Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Week in 2013. It’s been uphill from there as his designs speak volume of his creativity and his understanding of fashion. This designer has presented his collections in Jakarta, Manila, Tokyo, Milan, and Moscow, and is now making his presence felt in Paris, the capital city of fashion.


4. Ainee Suhaidi

Another designer that focuses on modesty yet able to take it to different dimensions is Ainee Suhaidi. Having just recently featured her collection in the prestigious Vancouver Fashion Week in Canada, she also showcased her work in Istanbul Modest Fashion Week. Practical, sensible with a hint of edge and boldness, Ainee designs clothes that she personally believes in and would wear as a modern day woman.

5. Yii

Yii, who joined Malaysia Fashion Week in 2014 kept moving up the fashion scale and was invited to participate in ON-OFF, a showcase for new talent in London Fashion Week in 2015. Yii lets his inner child out when it comes to designing, keeping it simplistic with clean lines and adding touches of fantasies to bring life to his creations. His designs are based on how kids would be inspired by their surroundings instead of looking at it from an adult's point of view.

6. Fairuz Ramdan

Inspired by the immaculate suits his father wore and dresses from his mother, Fairuz was no stranger to fashion. Having had an early taste of fashion and falling in love with it, there’s no questioning how this designer has had his ready to wear designs enter China, through Parkson. Fairuz continues to work his magic as he gets local, as well as international recognition for his work.

Fairuz ramdan 3

7. Jimmy Wong

When it comes to clean designs, with sleek silhouettes in minimalistic white, Jimmy Wong is the go to designer. Setting a tone of confidence and style with his designs, the brand speaks for itself without having to try too hard. Jimmy Wong has showcased his work in MFW and is now on set in Beijing shooting for a reality show called “屋里变”aka Room Transformation - a show where each interior designer is assigned to a celebrity’s room and the mission is to transform it.

Jimmy Wong

These designers all started from home, Malaysia, where the fashion scene keeps growing. This year at Malaysia Fashion Week 2016, there will be over 100 designers from all over the world including Australia, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam to name a few. Ranging from ready to wear, modest fashion, to couture and high street clothing, as well as giving us a taste of indigenous designs and culture, MFW 2016 is definitely an event not to be missed out on for any aspiring designer and fashion enthusiast!

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